The Studio



Our Studio is positioned in all the fields of activity that characterise the modernity of the music market and the changes it must constantly face.

A strong commitment around a solid team with complementary skills as well as influential partners allow us to offer a personalized and adaptable support to all profiles and artistic projects without stylistic limits.

From production to residency, including audiovisual recording, we will be able to be as close as possible to all the stages conducive to the development and consecration of a global artistic project. 

Accompanying you on your rights by proposing to make your work live with dominant actors is also one of our skills and at the centre of our values as a publisher.


Located on a 2000m2 plot of land on the edge of the forest, the Studio offers a 130m2 space entirely connected to the main control room. On the ground floor, and fully equipped (analogue and digital), the control room is open to a 40m2 Live Room with a very nice height of 6m which gives all the instruments the resonance they need to vibrate fully. This space is punctuated around a ¾ grand piano and various vintage reference pianos as well as various instruments (drums, guitars, bass etc)

An isolated 15m2 cabin with visibility on the control room and the open space allows to propose a more closed configuration.

On the mezzanine, Studio B, 45m, is based around a space mainly dedicated to analogue and digital synthesis with a complete set of synthesizers. This “modular” part can also be used as a secondary booth.

Finally, a fully-equipped kitchen area has been added for your comfort.